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What is done with a Joli Mont?

There was a Joli Mont. On the Joli Mont, two children were talking. A small and a big:

“What happens to a Joli Mont? asked the little.
– A place to dream! answers the other.
– With houses with paper walls to draw.
– We could paint right over, a piece of blue sky. And hang clouds in throngs.
– We could decorate it of a long ribbon of sequins. Sequins are pretty. It’s blink. Blue sequins?
– If you want. Ocean blue, adds the big.
– I would also like a garden … enchanted!
– Of course.
– With butterflies flowers that would fly. Blue flowers. To go with the sky and ribbon.
– All around the Joli Mont, we sow the fairy dust.
– Blue!
– Don’t you think that there is too much blue?
– The blue makes dream.
– Such a Joli Mont cannot be alone. It takes children, many children to visit it.
– How can we find so many children? asked the small.
– We could dream up a story. Stories attract children.
– We could imagine a story that would speak of the “Joli Mont”?
– Yes we could file it into a book.
We could manufacture thousands of books.
-So there would be thousands of “Joli Mont”?
But who would tell the story of the Joli Mont?
-The dads and grandpas, the moms and grandmothers.
-It’s true that they like tales, approves the small.
-You know why?
-No. »

Poem by Nicole Testa and work of VORO

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