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Giant leap into the future !

Un avenir géant!, an art piece by Vincent Rioux (VoRo),  presents a child playing in the street with wood blocks and building a city. In the background is the streetscape of Saint-Joseph Street, which in perspective, blends harmoniously with the child’s construction. The foreground is characterized by black contours while the background is outlined in sepia to leave the impression of a dream, of a new future in the making. This mural illustrates the artist’s idea that children are the ones who will shape the city and the society, because they are our future.

Passionately fond of writing and drawing for as long as he can remember, VoRo has been an illustrator and author of comic books since 1998. After graduating in graphic design in Quebec, he moved to Belgium to learn the inner workings of the craft. Thereafter, he came back home, started a career and became one of the first comic book authors from Quebec to break into the European market, where his book series, La Mare au Diable, Tard dans la nuit and L’été 63, received many awards. Motivated by his success, he continued to build on the momentum and created several illustrations, murals and comic books in Quebec. Learn more about VoRo’s current projects on his personal blog:


Surface area: 2.88 square metres

Production: Les Murmures de la Ville, summer 2016;

Design and creation: Vincent Rioux (VoRo)

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