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The Swing

This giant swing, named ‘Le Bascule’, was unveiled during the Reford Gardens 7th International Garden Festival in 2006. The swing revisits traditional methods of agricultural production and its interactive nature allows visitors to participate in the look and feel of the gardens. As they swing, the silos 18ft above are triggered, randomly dispersing oat and flax seeds in the garden. Chance becomes the guiding principle of the plantation scheme, and the visitor the mode of production, and it is over the summer months that the results become apparent. In addition, the trench that cuts through the site allows visitors to go below the earth’s surface and experience the root systems of the seeds they have sown.

The town of Mont-Joli acquired this masterpiece in 2012 to offer its visitors a resting place to enjoy themselves. It also offers them a completely different perspective to the gardens as it allows them to cut through the air and earth on the swing.

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