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The Rivière-Blanche train station

Built in 1908 by the ‘Canada and Gulf Terminal Railway’ company, the Rivière-Blanche railway station is of great cultural and historical interest. The building tells the story of the railroad industry in Eastern Québec. Also of interest is its architectural heritage. A small to medium-sized train station which is characterized by its simple volumetric design, one to one and a half levels, a hipped roof without skylights, overhanging eaves, and wood panelling.

Very few examples of these stations remain nowadays, even though they used to be abundant throughout Québec in the early 20th century. The Rivière Blanche station, however, has been beautifully maintained and conserved. The station was moved from its original site in 1998, by the town of Mont-Joli and then again in 2010 to this site, where it was completely renovated. It now hosts an exhibition which showcases the history of the railways in Mont-Joli.

The Station of Rivière-Blanche, would likely have been built in 1908 in the municipality of Saint-Ulric, at a place called White River. After the interruption of the services in 1978, the Station of Rivière-Blanche is then sold to an individual. Threatened of demolition, the building was bought by the journalist and writer Pauline Cadieux (1907-1996). She sets up a railway museum in the years 80. The building, last witness of railway activity in Canada and Gulf Terminal Railway, is moved in the town of Mont-Joli in 1998 where it was converted into a tourist information office. In 2010, the corporation, concerned by preserving the architectural integrity of the building, decided to install it on this site and to restore and develop it.

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