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The night life… from rue de la Gare to the Jacques-Cartier hotel.

If only the walls of this inn could talk about the night life of yesteryear… Around 1940 the streets of Mont-Joli came alive around sunset. Astounded by what they stumbled across, passengers alighting at the railway station found themselves caught up in the revelry, as the music of well-known bands echoed through the streets. The beer flowed freely inside the hotels and dancing seemed the most appropriate way of getting to know one another.

Thousands of machine gunners, from the renowned Commonwealth Bombing & Gunnery school, were the most notable clientele in the bustling streets and bars and the Hotel Jacques-Cartier was, by its own success, a window looking out on the evening spectacles of another era, and witness to just how much our ancestors knew how to have a good time!

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