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The little red house

Built right at the beginning of the 20th century, this Victorian-inspired house is a listed building, noted for its architectural and cultural heritage in relation to the history of Mont-Joli.

Of particular interest is the lace-detailed decoration around the windows and on the low wall at the front of the property. These intricate details are testament to the Anglo-Saxon influence, which was typical of this period.

Something else gives the building a unique and unusual character. The fact that the house once belonged, amongst others, to Monsieur Napoléon Aubin, a shopkeeper who traded from the property, situated on rue de l’Intercolonial, from 1882–1883. As the owner of many schooners (sailing ships) he supplied goods to both the north and south shores of the St-Laurent river. Several pieces of land, which extend as far as the railway, belonged to him.

Named in his honour, ‘La rue Aubin’ was designed and created by him and subsequently divided into separate plots of land. He became the Mayor of Mont-Joli in 1890, and then again from 1895-1898.

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