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The Estate of J. Adalbert Landry

It was in 1911, at the tender age of 23, that J. Adalbert Landry built this beautiful house. He was the son of Arthur Charles Landry, a famous shopkeeper who built ‘le Château Landry’ in 1907.

In 1918 J. Adalbert Landry founded a car business, and in 1926 became a wholesale supplier of tanker products. In 1921 he became famous for inventing the caterpillar tractor, in some ways a natural progression from the snowmobile of previous years. Backed by his chief engineer, Mr. Antoine Morissette, Mr. Landry managed to patent his invention in Canada and the United States.

J. Adalbert Landry was a man full of novel and inventive ideas. He also became Mayor of Mont-Joli from 1931-1937, and was a former prefect of Rimouski and founding President of the Rotary Club of Mont-Joli.

He died at age 81, on February 23 1969. Without lacking in originality, he had anticipated to find the final resting with his two wives facing his house. Thus, by returning you, you will see his tombstone displaying Marie-Stella Marceau’s name, his first wife, who died at the age of 43 and his second wife, Mrs. Antoinette Méthot, 18 years his junior who died at the age of 63 years, six years before him. He was a man who did not abandoned in life and even in the afterlife, he always watches over his heritage.

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