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The coming together

This composition highlights the dynamism of a town brimming with ideas and showcases Mont-Joli as an important cross roads. Marquise Leblanc, Anjuna Langevin and Yvon Lavoie were the artists responsible for these paintings which were completed during the second ‘Fresqu’Ô Fête’ – they highlight the coming together of a road network, representing several drivers who, behind the wheels of their cars, symbolize the individual and collective responsibility that is fundamental to driving vehicles.

This coming together of human relationships evokes the importance of joining forces and sharing, and forms the backbone of the town’s evolution in terms of its construction and furthermore brings together the surrounding areas, which are represented on the canvas by a large array of colours.

Admired from near or afar, you will discover a whole new world!

Guest artists: Marquise Leblanc, Anjuna Langevin and Yvon Lavoie

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