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The children’s story

The future of Mont-Joli lies in the hands of the 241 children whose visions came together to create this delightful mural. There is no doubt that its secret pleasures and meanings will captivate and delight generations to come.

The typical childlike innocence and joie de vivre portrayed in the children’s illustrations inspired the team at Murale Création to come up with a painting that is presented in four separate parts.

The first one, in blue, represents family life, leisure time and the river. The second one, in green, depicts agriculture and the natural world. The third, in yellow, portrays education and employment, while the final one, in red, highlights the region’s art and culture.

The very essence of the wall is to enable children to feel part of their education and surroundings and to inspire them to make their own contributions to the future of Mont-Joli.

Design & production:

MuraleCréation et Sautozieux

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