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The Château … lighthouse of Mont-Joli

This painting is the work of four artists from the Centre d’art Marcel Gagnon, Ghislaine Carrier, Isabelle, Marcel and Guillaume Gagnon. They were inspired by the presence of the Château Landry, in the heart of downtown, to express the joy and the pride of the citizens to have access to this heritage gem turned into a cultural center. This project was, for its defenders, the driving force to run, in a big way, the development process of the downtown buildings. It is in 2009 that began the first steps, and it is on September 26, 2014 that the Château Landry opened. The Château…lighthouse of Mont-Joli, is the anchor point on which builds wealth heritage and culture of Mont-Joli.

About Château Landry

The Château Landry is a cultural center offering a diversity of cultural activities combined to a catering offered by a private partner, the Café du Château. Shows, exhibitions, storytelling and literary entertainment figure on the cultural program offered by the Carrefour de la littérature, des arts et de la culture (CLAC) and the recreation department of the city of Mont-Joli. Finally, Mont-Joli is a great place for artists and demonstrates it by the creation of an artists’ residence on the 3rd floor of the Castle Landry. The resident artist is involved in various community projects in exchange for the welcome he receive. This formula is very rewarding and enjoyable for all.

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