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The Builders

In 1905 the city of Mont-Joli was built on the back of a huge financial investment, which acted as a catalyst in inspiring the artists of the following five murals.

‘Défrichage’ (clearing of the land) – a mural which depicts the sheer hard work put in by those who settled here, inspired by a common dream to create a town where anything would be possible.

‘Les moyens de transport et de communication’ (A transport and communications network) – a mural demonstrating how Mont-Joli became an important railway hub in Eastern Québec.

‘Des terres et un majestueux fleuve’ (Dry land and a majestic flowing river) – a mural showing a prosperous countryside environment, spanning vast agricultural plains.

‘La construction du clocher de l’église’ (The building of the church tower) – a mural illustrating the construction of the church tower in 1923, on land bequeathed by the family of Arthur C. Landry.

Finally, ‘L’apport des femmes dans La Mitis’ (the vital role of women in La Mitis) – a mural celebrating the valuable contribution made by women in ‘La Mitis’, of particular acclaim Colette Julien, a midwife who, in 1960, delivered her 2500th baby.

A fitting tribute to the road travelled by our ancestors.

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