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Rural medicine

In times gone by, the practice of rural medicine was not a vocation for the fainthearted. Faced on a daily basis with the most vulnerable in society, living in often the most impoverished conditions, a rural doctor had to be able to carry out his job with the minimum of modern resources.

Practising medicine at this time was not simply a case of seeing patients in your office. Instead it required visiting patients at their bedside, whether they be injured or about to give birth, and this could be at any time of day or night, in good or bad weather, and covering an area which could extend for miles around. Furthermore, people were quite often unable to pay for their care.

This painting shows some of the local heroes who carried out this selfless work; including Doctors René-A. Lepage, J-Auguste Ross and his son Jean-Auguste Ross, E. Lavoie, Paul Lévesque, Georges-A. Joubert and F.X. Beaulieu

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