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Our Lady of Lourdes cave

This cave, dedicated to the sacred figure of Our Lady of Lourdes, is a true work of art in terms of its stonework. Nestling on a steep slope in the most magnificent setting, this beautiful sculpture is carved into the mountainside and needed tonnes of different sized stones from the fields and nearly 2000 working hours to complete.

For several decades it became a place of pilgrimage for the masses. One such example is the tale of Victoria Smith-Gosselin, who in 1907 was the victim of a tragic accident on the railways, in which she lost the use of both her legs. After nine days of focused prayers (a novena) she was cured of her affliction in front of astounded onlookers.

What followed was a series of incredible Marian devotions, for which each surrounding parish made its own summertime pilgrimage. Thereafter visitor numbers to this tiny cave continued to increase year on year, with people coming from far and wide in search of miracle healing.

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