Tourist Circuit

Our athletes – famous world-over

Excelling in physical activities, taking on new challenges and getting to the top of the game are just some of the impressive qualities demonstrated by La Mitis population. Both local men and women have achieved greatness in various physical pursuits, which in turn has contributed to increased participation in sport by the local children. Sport is developing at a fast pace in La Mitis, spurred on by the motivation shown by its athletes who are keen to share their talents.

This mural features six of our local athletes who, through their own achievements, have inspired the local people to appreciate the value of different sporting activities.

Louise Campion, judo
Gaétan D’Amours, bodybuilding
Dave Levesque, golf
Gervais Rioux, cycling
Jean-Philippe Roy, alpine skiing
Raymond Pearson, multi-disciplinary athlete

While competing at the highest of levels in their respective disciplines, these athletes have added to the pride felt by the people of Mont-Joli.

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