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Mont-Joli – at the crossroads of your destiny

This collective fresco was performed at the first edition of the Fresqu’Ô Fête in August 2010. Measuring 12 meters by 2.5 meters, it is the work of several painters apprentices and professional artists, young and old.

The theme, Mont-Joli at the crossroads of your destiny, aimed to highlight the vision of our city through the sight of a family who flies it in ballooning. Thus, landscapes, sky, sea, valleys, churches, buildings that have marked the history, the work of art-nature of the artist Marcel Gagnon from Sainte-Flavie and the well-known characters of his son Guillaume, all linked to children’s brushstrokes creates a unique picture that looks like us and brings us together.

The realization of a collective mural: is art shared by all, is to suggest for a moment that one is oneself a little artist, is to participate to an adventure in a festive atmosphere suitable to artistic discovery.

The idea of this festival was born from the desire to revitalize the environment and to develop a sense of belonging to the city and to the frescoes tour within the population. The Fresqu’Ô Fête adds thus a festive air to this art of mural painting that became the distinctive signature of Mont-Joli.

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