Tourist Circuit

La liberté

Near the dock, a boat is waiting
While moored, it rises and falls.
The tide takes care of it while waiting.
Is he a prisoner or is it his destiny?
Will he still be there tomorrow or will he finally be able to leave?
Do we look like him?
Are we aware of what is happening?
Are we prisoner to this port or free to come and go as we please?
What are we hoping for?
Will some divine force or religion set us free
To sail to the open sea, to divinity?
Is it possible that our destiny will be thrown to the tide?
Should we wait to set ourselves free?
It takes courage to break free without regret.
Or to risk letting a big wave wash over us, breaking everything
Break the cable that holds us prisoners
And make us drift uncontrollably
Will we make it back to land or run aground?
Is it really just a case of thinking
That nobody can save us
And that only we have the power to float towards freedom.
But there is a price to pay.
First we must love and accept each other.

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