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For Marguerite

The artistic proposal of Michel Saulnier revolves mainly around a sculpture in the round featuring a schematic bear cub, standing on one leg. Widely openworked, the sculptural component consists of rolled aluminum, molded from a wood matrix. Of medium size, it rises to 125 cm high. It is deposited on top of an aluminum sphere fabricated (about 60 cm of diameter) at the end of a curved cone of the same type (16 cm high). All three are welded together to form an integral structural unit.

The sculpture overcomes the dome of the turret of the Villa des Marguerites. At the top of the dome, the artist also intervened with a coating sheet, repeating the technique of Canadian sheet metal and he capped the top of a pattern of flower petals. Overall, the work weighs four kilos at most.

Work of history and of memory, Pour Marguerite, honors the first girl Landry who lived in the house and who died in infancy. It stages the story of a fictional teddy bear who could have been hers and that, like a vigil in her memory on top of the family home, it walks “on a planet and moves along peacefully between the stars.” Immortalizing it in honor of whom the name of the villa was given, the work also proposes a more general allegory of childhood by the subject employed, but also by inducing the notion of play in the posture of the bear cub. It also offers a rearticulation of the architectural concept of the finial, while marking the new vocation of place in a contemporary signature, accessible and fun. The work is part of the continuing process of the artist where the reinvented feature and the idea of the constellation enter as recurring founding elements.

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