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An ingenious family

The Landrys – an illustrious family who lived in Mont-Joli. In fact, three members of the Landry family left their mark on the local history with their inventiveness and commercial acumen.

Arthur C., a businessman and shopkeeper, moved to Mont-Joli in 1904. His general stores in Mont-Joli and St-Moïse Station, allowed him to carve out his own niche in the local business economy. In turn, his sons took advantage of this position and developed their own ingenuity and entrepreneurial skills. It was the invention of the snowmobile by Joseph Adalbery Landry in 1920 that made him famous in Mont-Joli, before he went on to assume the role of Mayor from 1931–1937.

As for Arthur’s other son, Louis-Philippe, he went on to benefit from his father’s financial successes, and moved to Europe where he trained to become a dentist. He is the inventor of various dental instruments and also contributed to the improvement of dental prosthesis. If ingenuity had a name, it would most definitely be ‘Landry’.

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