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A tribute to heroes past and present

This mural, measuring 130m2, can be found on the north wall of the ‘Postes Canada’ building and commemorates the history of the 9th Bombing & Gunnery School, the most important in British Commonwealth history. In the foreground of the painting is a series of ‘Fairey Bomber ‘ illustrations – these were light bomber aircraft used for training purposes by the school, and also by anonymous individuals who had connections to the Air Force, for example pilots, gunmen, mechanics and soldiers.

Off to the side you will notice aircraft from the aerial command headquarters in the east of Canada, which protected the gulf of Saint-Laurent from German submarine attacks. Furthermore, at the far right of the mural is a bulletin board which shows a series of historical elements depicting different eras and highlighting important figures in the military history of Mont-Joli. An important chapter in our development.

Design & production:

MuraleCréation et Sautozieux

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