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Gare patrimoniale Rivière Blanche

26 June 2017 : 10 h 00 - 19 August 2017 : 17 h 00
Gare patrimoniale de la halte récréotouristique de Mont-Joli

Rivière-Blanche Heritage Railway Station

June 26, 10:00 am – August 19, 5:00 pm

Heritage railway station at the recreational and touristic rest area of Mont-Joli

 It’s time to take a pause

As you enter the Boisé des Murmures at the recreational and touristic rest area, you will see the Rivière-Blanche heritage railway station. This building, last relic of the Canada and Gulf Terminal Railway, was moved to Mont-Joli in 1988, then converted into a Visitor information centre and entirely restored in 2012.

The Rivière-Blanche railway station is a heritage building of significant historical interest. It is a witness to the history of railway transportation in Eastern Quebec. In the early 20th century, this region was not accessible by train and its relatively isolated location during winter slowed down its development. The Mont-Joli–Matane railway line, operated by the private Canada and Gulf Terminal Railway company, was inaugurated in 1910 as the first section of a line planned to reach the city of Gaspé. Since the termination of services on this line in 1978, train stations and shelters have been destroyed, except for the Rivière-Blanche station, the last vestige of this era’s railway operations.

The Rivière-Blanche railway station is also a heritage building of architectural interest. It is a typical example of a small and medium-sized station, characterized by a simple one or one-and-a-half-storey massing, a hipped roof, no dormers, some overhanging eaves and a wooden finish. There are only a few remaining examples of this station type formerly very common throughout Quebec in the early 20th century. The one from Rivière-Blanche has sophisticated architecture and is in an excellent state of preservation.

In 2017, the Rivière-Blanche railway station will host the Lower St. Lawrence railroad modelers’ exhibition, which showcases model railways and trains at a time when Mont-Joli was a transportation hub for the railways leading towards the Maritimes and to Matane on the Gaspé Peninsula.

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